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Please, leave a comment if you have any problem or suggestion.

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  1. N Rob says:

    Unfortunately disabling battery optimization is not the answer with my Honor 9 phone, this app and others like it have not been 100% reliable with this phone.

    IMO the problem is with the phone not the app, I’ve also been unable to find a “call confirm” type app which works reliably on this phone.

  2. Paul h says:

    Does the app require opening when I get in the car?

  3. Tom says:

    Where can I find the setting Menu on your second screenshot

  4. Harry says:

    Hi Jesus,
    the blue car tethering don´t work under Android 8.1 – bt TH won´t start automaticly.

    lower versions no problem.


  5. João Dias says:

    Please update so less battery is used.
    Thank you!

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