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FFsync is a BlackBerry Playbook and Blackberry 10 app that allows you to share and synchronize your bookmarks and saved passwords with your Firefox desktop and mobile installations. FFSync connects to your  Firefox Sync account to retrieve your bookmarks and passwords.

As easy as insert your Sync credentials, username (email) and password and your Recovery key.

Recovery key is your Sync encription password. You received it when you registered on Sync.It’s something like


Don’t you know your Recovery key? No problem, on your desktop Firefox go to Options   => Sync panel => Manage account => My recovery key.

Remember you will need Internet conection to retrieve your info.

After login, yo will see your bookmarks and folders. Click on any bookmark to open Playbook browser with that url.

Too many urls? Use the filter to seach on url and title of your bookmars.

The same happens with your passwords. Click on any url to open browser. Click “copy” to copy username or password to clipboard.

After login succesfully and when you open again FFsync, you will be asked your your Sync password.