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Remote Media Player is a media player app for Blackberry Playbook/BB10 devices remote controlled from another Blackberry/Android/iOS decvice, this means you will need two devices, one Playbook or BB10 smartphone for playing and another Blackberry/Android/iOS one if you want to get all the advantages of Remote Media Player. You can even use Remote Media Player without any remote control, in this case you will have a classic media player app with subtitles support, last play position and some other cool features.

Just connect your Blackberry device to your TV through HDMI connection and use it as a media player controlling playback from your couch.

Remote Media Player is completely independant from native video player on your device and you can not use the remote control with it, it only works with Remote Media Player app.

Remote Media Player supports any video format supported by your Blackberry device and remembers last position on each video you open, this means that you can play the same video later starting just where you leave.

This app consists of two pieces:

  • A native Blackberry app, a video an audio player with SRT subtitle support.
  • A free Blackberry/Android/iOS  app acting as a remote control.

This is a NATIVE Blackberry app, it’s not an Android port, the Android app is meant to be used on smartphones as a remote control.

Just connect your Blackberry device (the player player) and your Blackberry/Android/iOS device (the remote control) to the same WIFI access point and wait until both apps get connected (red icon turns into green). Now you can use your second device to control Remote Media Player on your Blackberry player.


From the remote control you can select videos to play, pause, go 30 seconds back/forward, choose another video, enable/disable subtitles (if available)…

Some wifi access points (i.e. public ones) might block communications, in this case convert your BB10/Android/iOS device into a wifi access point an connect the other device to it, it will work.

Keep into account that the way this system works presents some delay between your remote control “click” and the reception on the player, it’s not instantaneous.

See it in action: