Remote Media Player Getting Started

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To start playing with Remote Media Player, you will need two compatible devices:

  1. Blackberry Playbook or Blackberry 10 device to act as a media player. This is the one you can connect to your TV to play videos.
  2. Another Blackberry/Android/iOS device to be used as Remote Control of the first one.


You can use Remote Media Player without a remote control, this way you will have a classic media player with subtitle support, but you will be loosing remote control advantages.

Just connect both devices to the same WIFI access point and start the app on each device.

After some seconds both apps will change “red” icon (disconnected) to green one, meaning they are now paired and you can start controling Remote Media Player from your smartphone.

This is what happens on your remote control device:


And this is what happens on your player device:


Any time the connection status changes you will see the “connection” icon and hear a “click” sound to able to realize the change on connection state.

Now you can throw in your couch and start controlling Remote Media Player from your second device.

See the  appropriate remote controls section to help on the remote control.