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You can download Android Remote Control from Google Play here or search on your smartphone for PBRemoteControl.

At the top of the app there are two icons. The one on the left is displayed any time you click any button to give you the “clicked” feedback. The one at the right side shows the connection status, red when disconnected from Remote Media Player on Playbook and green when connected.

Up and down buttons are used on the file browser to move the selected file/folder. Click the play button to start playing any file or to change browser in case selected item is a folder.

Left and right buttons move video playback 30 seconds back/forward.

UP key goes also to start when clicked while playing a file.

SRT button controls subtitles displaying. Works only when subtitles are available. By default subtitles (if found) will be displayed. Clicking this button will hide them. Clicking again will display subtitles again.
Browser button pauses current playback (if something is been played) and displays file browser to select any other file.

Last button closes Remote Media Player on Playbook. This is important because Remote Media Player won’t let Playbook go into standby mode so you will need to close it if you don’t want your Playbook to run until battery is empty.