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This app has been discontinued at the request of Here.com for violation of its terms and conditions.
You can probably still find it by searching on Google or Torrent and it might still work.

Please, leave a comment if you have any problem or suggestion.

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  1. Peco says:

    – SendToVolvo stops working on my phone.
    – GoogleMaps does not support Volvo
    – HERE for mobile does not support Send to Volvo

    Anybody knows where can I find information on Sensus Connect API. Or how HERE.com (desktop) works in order to look for a workaround.


  2. shark says:

    hi. my english aviliti is bad..
    plz understand me.
    i bought volvo.
    but I wanna use google-map
    but unfoutunatry I coudnt your app anymore,
    could you let me know good idea?

    and also do you have ios version also?
    I coudnt get my car pin code also becuase I live in Hungary
    but I have android phone also..even though if you dont have i phone version, I wanna use on android phone..plz help me..

  3. Josh says:


    I downloaded version 1.7 from http://android.vshare.com/Send-to-Volvo

    Unfortunately I receive the following message when I click send to my Volvo “error sending to car, please try later”. I’m running Android 7.0 in the USA.

    Is there a solution? This app is such an excellent idea, and exactly the functionality I want.

    Thanks, Josh

  4. Pedro says:

    Dear Editor,

    I’m searching a way to send to volvo the location of a point in google maps , it is possible to send without volvo on cal?

    this excellent APP works again?
    Thank you.

  5. LeeDongSuc says:

    I recently found a bug.
    problem is, send to Volvo is working well with Note8 and newest version of Android on WI-FI only
    (To send destinations, everything are good.)

    but I can not send some location from Google map to APP on cellular data using mode (without wifi, with Vodafon 4g)

    it showed to me as below.

    1. send to Volvo app showed me error massage “there was an error reading the address” after showing screen “loading address, please wait”

    2. or , app was down forced by android error at some target of location.

    3. target location were always same what those location has error or has force down showed me.

    it is sure that it was no problem before around 2month ago..

    could you answer me?

    thanks in advance.

    ps. I checked all permissions by android system. even I did to reset android os. and I tried running at google map of old version.

  6. Pedro says:

    In Portugal with Vodafone 3g or wifi everything works great . Try with another android to see if the problem is in the android.

  7. Lee dong suc says:

    Here is Hungary…
    Thanks for information.

    • Editor says:

      @Lee dong suc,
      I can not reproduce your issue, as Pedro said, it is working fine for me in Spain.
      Try to share any location into some app you can copy/paste, like Gmail, and send me the URL Google Maps is generating for that position.

      • Lee dong suc says:

        Dear Writer.

        it is as below.

        it is impossible that I can’t send from google map to send to volvo in 4g only.

        thanks in advance.

        Hankook Tire Magyarország Kft. – Hankook Tire Magyarország Kft.
        Rácalmás, 1., Hankook tér, 2459
        (1) 464 3660


  8. Pedro says:

    Is there any alteration from Google maps in 2018? All the places appear with the coordinates 0.000.
    I try with 2 diferentes androids, and they have the same problem.
    Is the problem only with me?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Jose Carlos Ferreira says:

    Dear Mr Iglesias
    I am one of the users of the useful send to Volvo app you developed and had to discontinue.
    In spite of that, you have been a wonderful supporter of your users. Although I don’t take advantage of the app as often as before, it is still very useful. However lately I have noted that the addresses I send to Volvo from the Google Maps, in the Volvo Here app it appears around 200 metres northwest (around 300°) of the actual place.
    Is it easy to fix? Will it be possible?
    Knowing the problem, I can actually manually correct it, so it is still usable but if it is for you to fix I would appreciate. Thanks a lot for your work

  10. Francesco says:

    Hi Jesus, until three weeks ago I managed to send the positions from google map on the volvo “send to car” application. Now I can’t anymore, do you have any information on the problem?
    Thank you,


  11. Cristiano says:

    Dear Mr. Iglesias,
    Could it be, that the App „Send to Volvo“ does not work anymore?
    I use the App Version: 1.5.25 with Google Maps (10.35.2) and since some days I get always the massage: „Error sending to car, please try it later“
    Thank you for your support in advance,

  12. Editor says:

    @Cristiano, @Francesco and everybody:


    This is the problem:

    From and including February 2020, it is no longer possible to send map destinations from websites to the car.

    Volvo has stopped the feature in HERE website to send to Volvo, so, by now, it will not work anymore. I don’t know any other way to send addresses to Volvo.

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