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This app has been discontinued at the request of Here.com for violation of its terms and conditions.
You can probably still find it by searching on Google or Torrent and it might still work.

Please, leave a comment if you have any problem or suggestion.

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  1. Peco says:

    – SendToVolvo stops working on my phone.
    – GoogleMaps does not support Volvo
    – HERE for mobile does not support Send to Volvo

    Anybody knows where can I find information on Sensus Connect API. Or how HERE.com (desktop) works in order to look for a workaround.


  2. shark says:

    hi. my english aviliti is bad..
    plz understand me.
    i bought volvo.
    but I wanna use google-map
    but unfoutunatry I coudnt your app anymore,
    could you let me know good idea?

    and also do you have ios version also?
    I coudnt get my car pin code also becuase I live in Hungary
    but I have android phone also..even though if you dont have i phone version, I wanna use on android phone..plz help me..

  3. Josh says:


    I downloaded version 1.7 from http://android.vshare.com/Send-to-Volvo

    Unfortunately I receive the following message when I click send to my Volvo “error sending to car, please try later”. I’m running Android 7.0 in the USA.

    Is there a solution? This app is such an excellent idea, and exactly the functionality I want.

    Thanks, Josh

  4. Pedro says:

    Dear Editor,

    I’m searching a way to send to volvo the location of a point in google maps , it is possible to send without volvo on cal?

    this excellent APP works again?
    Thank you.

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