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  1. Zoran Ivkov says:

    I am using Xmarks for bookmarks syncing, not Firefox Sync.

    Is FFSync still useful for me?



  2. Editor says:

    Sorry Zoran, I’m only supporting Firefox Sync, Xmarks does not have a public api.

  3. Don says:

    Many of the bookmarks are duplicated a number of times. Is there any way I can remove duplicates please?

  4. Editor says:


    It’s very strange.
    Do you have them in different folders on your bookmarks on Firefox? IT’s the only way I can think to have duplicates.

  5. Mark H says:

    Just downloaded and installed FFSync on my BB PB – have entered all the porper data on the Settings screen. Problem is nothing is happening – just the “Busy Dial” is spinning.

    Is this a wireless sync app or do I need to connect ot the laptop via USB for the first sync ot occur?

  6. Editor says:

    @Mark H,

    It works over wifi.
    Is your problem at settings screen or at bookmarks screen? I mean, is it authenticating or syncing?

  7. Mark H says:

    I am frozen on the Log-in screen in the Setting tab. I place all the correct information and it freezes. I do not get to the Bookmark tab at all.

    I am running the BB PB OS 2.0 if that helps

  8. Mark H says:

    Still no luck. I have even re-booted the PB to see if that helps. No change – still hangs on the submittal of the User sign-on information on the Settings screen.

    Also, I even upgraded to the newest OS and no change on that either. The BB PB is now on OS Ver

    Any suggestions?

  9. Mark H says:

    Have not heard anything back yet to help resolve my problem. Do you have any suggestions?

    Is there a setting I missed or is there something else I need to try?

  10. Mark H says:

    Still not working – do you have any help you can offer?

  11. Editor says:


    Might it be that you have lots of bookmarks?

  12. Mark H says:

    What do you consider a “lot of bookmarks” – I would guess that I have between 80 and 100 at max. In any case, I cannot get past the sign-on step – the sync screen never appears.

  13. Mark H says:

    I have re-tried to sync and had the same endless result. I input the sign-on information – pressed the Connect button and watched the progress dial “spin” for the next 90 plus minutes. I finally aborted the effort and never did get the listing of the FF bookmarks.

    Was 90 minutes long enough or should I wait for 120 minutes?

  14. Editor says:


    Sorry but there is nothing I can do without testing your credentials.

    There must be something strange, an uncontrolled exception or something like that that prevents the process to work, it should be inmediate.

  15. Mark H says:

    What is your E-mail Address and I will send you the sign-on information? With that you can test the process from your end.

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