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  1. Editor says:


    Nice to hear that!!!

    I’ll see if I can launch bridge instead of native, I’m not sure.

  2. Ryan H says:

    Can one Playbook be used to remotely control app on several other PlayBooks on same LAN?

    • Editor says:

      @Ryan H,

      I’m not sure of being understanding what you mean.
      You can not control one Playbook from another, but you can from a BB smartphone to N Playbooks.

  3. Ryan H says:

    In App World on my PlayBook it states “This app consists of two pieces:

    A native BB PlayBook app, a video and audio player with SRT subtitle support.

    A free BlackBerry Playbook/BB10 app acting as a remote control.”

    So I understood the last statement as meaning that the remote control app can run on a PlayBook too. So, you are saying that this is NOT the case?

    Also, if I did have a BB smartphone, is it easy to switch from controlling one PlayBook to controlling another? Is it possible to start/stop all at the same time?

    Thanks in advance for your responses.

  4. Editor says:

    @Ryan H,
    Sorry, i didn’t know what you were talking about, you have commented on the wrong app :p

    Yes, with my remote control you can control one Playbook with player app from another Playbook, Android device or new Blackberry10 smartphones. Keep into account that you DO NOT control playbook, you control Remote Media Player app, its similar but different.

    I can not say anything about remote controlling with a bb smarthone as I don’t own onenof them.

  5. blupton says:

    i cannot set up ffsync.

    “error with credentials”

    there is no error

    must I do something with firefox to sync up rempte device?

  6. Dirk says:

    Does ffsync support a private sync server? I’ve setup a Firefox sync server on my own hardware. Is it possible to configure ffsync to use this server?

  7. Joe says:

    Need a way to extract bookmarks from your app. Is there a way to extract or export from FFSync? Or is the data somewhere on the device and reachable? I’ve got Ghost Commander.

    Please help as your app still recognizes my sync account, while my desktop doesn’t. I need to export from your app.

    Please help.



    • Editor says:


      No sorry, you can’t.
      What you have to do is download an old Firefox version, i.e. 28, sync with your old sync account and then update that firefox to last one without removing version 28. This will leave your bookmars on your new updated Firefox. Finally, from this update sync options, break sync connection, this will allow you to connect to the new system and sync your bookmarks.

  8. Wolfgang Denda says:

    Just a friendly question – can we (I) expect a Blackberry FFSync version for the new Firefox 30 Synchronisation? Firefox Mobile 30 does not run in Blackberry Android Emulation. Thank you.

  9. Ralph says:

    Hi, I just bought FFSync for my BB Q5 with BB 10.2.1.
    But I can not find the required “recovery key” in Firefox 32. Options / Sync / Account only shows: Chg. PWD, Delete Account, Logoff but no “My recovery key” as shown in FFSync …
    What has to be done to make the App run ?

  10. Ryan Betker says:

    Thanks for letting us know you’re working in the update for ff30+. Will buy once you update. I’m excited to have my bookmarks on my Z30

    • Editor says:

      @Ryan Betker,

      It’s still gonna take me some more weeks. The encryption system is completely new and it’s taken much more time than I had expected.

  11. Wolfgang D. says:

    Thanks. Good to know it’s in the works.

  12. Pragnesh says:

    Music stop playing after playbook goes to screensaver mode, Is it normal ?

  13. Antonio Pardo says:

    With Playepub, I observed a bug: it cannot open epubs with stressed letters in the file name. Changing the name of the file resolves the problem.
    Moreover: the older version opened all epubs; the latest version rejects to load some books (opened without problems with the older version). Perhaps also a stressed letter inside the file?
    If you like, I can send you an epub with this problem.
    Happy new year.

    • Editor says:

      @Antonio Pardo,
      The issue with filenames was reported to Blackberry long ago, it is a platform issue, but it has not been solved yet…
      Regarding your second comment about books that can not be opened, could you please send me any of those books to test?

      • Antonio Pardo says:

        Dear Jesus:
        Your indication that the problem was an issue of the OS has been perfect: the books that cannot be opened are located in a folder with stressed letters in the name. Changing this sufficed to everything works.

  14. Vidal says:

    I installer playepub on m’y playbook without problème.I bought à second one for my son. I want tout installer on it playepub as well. But when I want tout buy thé application, if I clic on buy, any time it is sais that I need tout change the mode offre paiement. I tried my Visa, my. Mastercard or paipal, still the same. What couleur beige wrong.
    Note: I used à différent ID for both offre playbook.
    Thank you

  15. Vidal says:

    Sorry, but on my. Previous comment There are manger mistak due forme automatique correct.
    Read: What could beaucoup wrong?

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