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Please, leave a comment if you have any problem or suggestion.

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  1. adam davidson says:

    After I unzip a file I can not find the files nor can I open them within the app it self. When I tap on any of the unziped files it give me three options only: rename, delete and cancel.
    Please help or refund.

    • Editor says:

      @adam davidson,
      Uncompressor does not list all the files in your folders, only compressed files.
      After extracting files you need a file browser to view and open them. This app only extracts files.

  2. Laurent says:

    Hi, I just bought your app to untar a. Tar file. I would like to let you know an issue with long file names which are not extracted correctly. Please contact me by mail I could give you a screenshot.


  3. aodk says:

    hello Julio i purchase for my bb playbook
    but when trying to upgrade from my bb world a pop up window said a problem occur, try again later
    since last week i had this problem

    • Editor says:

      Well I think Playbook is almost dead 🙁
      What do you mean with upgrade? I don’t remember last time uncompressor was updated…

  4. aodk says:

    sorry mistaken name is not Julio es Jesus 🙂

    • aodk says:

      hello Jesus i had • Version: 1.11
      and the latest you have is Version: 1.20 Finally i was able to download the newest version but it did not installed, each time i try to install the app is resting .
      i don’t know how it works with BB but i don’t want to erase from the bb World to avoid double payment
      BTW Playboook still the best tablet to watch movies !! not so dead for me !

    • aodk says:

      i finally was able to update, problem solved

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